Syria crisis: Damascus teems with talk of US strike – BBC


Damascus is full of talk about what might happen when, or if, the Americans bomb. Of course, that depends on the vote in the US Congress.

Some Syrians are bemused that the leader of the most powerful country in the world seemed to blink at the last minute, and they will not let go of the hope that President Barack Obama has been scared off by the risks of attacking Syria and will end up losing the vote.

This week the tension has subsided, but everyone knows it will rise again as the vote approaches.

I watched a group of staff from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent being briefed about what to do if they have to evacuate their warehouses and offices.

Their manager told them sternly that the next time they heard the siren it would be for real, and they would have two minutes to leave the site, and another five to get to their rendezvous points.

syria attackThe American operation, if it happens, will be one of the most telegraphed offensives in the history of war”

The staff, all of them young volunteers, joked about being stuck in the bathroom when the siren goes, as if it was hard to believe what might happen next week.

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