Report urges investigation of Trafigura


A new report has called on the British government to investigate the multinational company Trafigura for its alleged role in dumping toxic waste in Ivory Coast in 2006.

Ivorian authorities say that at least 15 people died and tens of thousands of others were sickened by the dumping of waste by a ship chartered by multinational oil trader Trafigura.

A three-year-long investigation by Amnesty International and Greenpeace published on Tuesday points to “clear evidence that at least part of the decision-making process on export of the waste from Europe and delivery to Abidjan emanated from London”, making UK prosecutions feasible.

The report calls for the UK to undertake criminal investigations against Trafigura.

It also urges Ivory Coast to review a 2007 decision that gave Trafigura immunity from prosecution on Ivorian soil, and to probe how compensation from an out-of-court settlement in the UK was allowed to be misappropriated.

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