Nigeria: ‘Cut off’ under emergency rule


For three days she was unable to speak to her son, Ahmed, a petty trader in Maiduguri, the state capital of neighbouring Borno state – the centre of an Islamist insurgency.

For three days I couldn’t get him and I couldn’t reach any of his friends there to get me talk to him”

Mobile phone services from Yola, Adamawa’s state capital, where she lives, to Maiduguri had not been great since the Boko Haram militants began to attack telecom facilities in the region.

They have become far worse now due to the military operations that follow the imposition of emergency rule in the two states and the neighbouring state of Yobe nearly two weeks ago.

The security forces want to rid the states of the insurgency that has thrown the country into its worst crisis since the civil war of the 1960s.

At the peak of recent military operations, local news reports say, the Nigerian authorities allegedly cut off phone services in the region in an effort to deny insurgents their use.

The insurgents are said to be using mobile phones to detonate bombs remotely and to communicate among themselves.

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