Nigeria as it is CANNOT and WILL NOT work- by Tola


By TOLA (a rejoinder to Simon Kolawale’s article)

Simon Kolawale of Thisday has a right to his opinions based on his thought process or the direction of his sentiments or whatever but he has no right whatsoever to state that those who are in support of disintegration do so out of laziness. With Simeon’s level of education, I expect that he should be accommodating of diverse opinions and not simply write them off.

I am unrepentantly an advocate of a broken up Nigeria because I am very convinced that Nigeria as it is CANNOT and WILL NOT work. I am a Muslim Yoruba who was brought up in the North . I know one thing for sure, there is no way, not a chance in the world that the average Hausa-Fulani will see his southern counterpart , be it a muslim or christian as one of their own, it ‘s not a matter of English, it is the truth. No matter their level of education, this will not happen!

Secondly, the hatred the average Hausa-Fulani man has for christians is unprecedented. They abhor christians and christianity to a fault. Thirdly, we are just very different people with different ideas, ideals and ideologies, I agree that good leadership should be able to do a good job of fashioning out a common code of value systems for all irrespective of our ethnic backgrounds but in this case, much of the values of the Hausa Fulani stem out from his perception of the religion of Islam, (the correctness or otherwise of his interpretation of the religion is not an issue for this discuss) and these religious beliefs are so deep-rooted in him that often-mentioned remedial factors like education, good leadership cannot significantly alter it. Religion is about the most sensitive phenomenon in the world and it would only amount to fantasy if anyone attempted changing any lifestyle or belief system deriving from religion.

Helen Wright- Political Commentator
Helen Wright- Political Commentator

You can google up speeches of the very educated ones amongst them and see what I mean. Even the SLS, Ango Abdullahi et al with all their education and exposure have not been able to purge themselves of that sense of Arewa nationalism and embrace the the true spirit of one Nigeria. To think that good leadership, education or passage of time will right this would be mere wishful thinking.

Let me also correct an impression wrongly held by Simeon and many others. Many of us who are up for the disintegration of Nigeria do so not to spite any ethnic group but out of conviction that a United Nigeria as it is cannot augur well for any of the constituent natural states that make up the present day Nigeria. Ofcourse, the Igbo nation could put it sense of enterprise and industry into better use for its citizens if it were a single nation, ofcourse the ND could use its God given oil resources to better the lot of its citizens if it did not have to share it with others and ofcourse the Yoruba nation could be at the forefront of global innovation and development if it were not stiffled by a central government wary of disparities in the regional developmental indices but even the Hausa-Fulani stands to gain from a balkanized Nigeria (and I dare say, even more than the other regions).

It is no gainsaying that continued dominance of the Hausa-Fulani in the Political leadership of Nigeria has amounted to little or nothing for the vast majority of its impoverished people. Only a few of their elites continue to dwell in obscene luxury while majority wallow in want and deprivation. All developmemtal indices being churned out by different institutions of global givernance have repeatedly pointed out that the North West and North East are the poorest regions in Nigeria. However, the deep rooted sense of tribalism has blinded their youths to the fact that their real enemies are the enemies within. They would rather blow up themselves if a non Arewa person dares occupy the seat at Aso Rock Villa. A nation of their own would help beam the searchlight on their local leadership as there would be no outside enemy anymore. I believe the Arewa republic will do very well because alomg with increased accountability of its leadership, it could tap into the similarity of its religions and traditions with the middle east and GCC to improve its lot. It could also put its vast agricultural resources into more productive use as there would be no oil resource belonging to another people to rely on. And ofcourse, the absence of rent-seeking can only bring out the sense of resilience imbued in these people.

I am for any arrangement that would guarantee the greatest good for the greatest number of people being referred to as Nigerians today. I believe that a balkanized Nigeria and not a United one offers that. I am not lazy.

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