New Premier League Season Starts Today


Almost three months to the day that the most exciting season in the history of the Premier League was settled in dramatic fashion, the latest campaign is upon us this weekend and Premier League chief executive Richard Scudamore promises that there will be more thrills and spills.
The 2011/12 Barclays Premier League was voted the best in the recent Premier League 20 Seasons vote after Sergio Aguero scored in stoppage time for Manchester City to wrest the title from Manchester United.

Speaking at the launch for the 2012/13 season at Manchester Town Hall Scudamore believes that although Olympic success dominated the headlines for much of the summer, the Premier League will soon be at the front of people’s minds again. “It will have its critics, but it will have more people following it, there’ll be more debate in workplaces on Monday morning, and it’ll be football again,” he said at the launch.
As to whether the 2012/13 could match the entertainment of the previous campaign when a record 1,066 goals were scored at an average of 2.8 goals a match Scudamore said: “Whether it’s quite as exciting as last season isn’t really the measure because that’s an awfully high bar through which to pass. All that matters is that clubs go out and create those contests again and things will happen.

“It was just fantastic and we don’t know if we can emulate it but we do know that there will be thrills and spills, there will be excitement. It can’t come soon enough. Even though it’s been only three months since we finished, it’s always great to be back.
“Everyone remembers the last day and how fantastic that was but the remarkable thing about the season was the competitiveness throughout. Right from the first weekend to the last, there were surprises.
“That’s really all you want, that every match is a contest. What you don’t want is foregone conclusions.”

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