Nairobi Westgate shoot-out kills 11 in Kenya


Eleven people have died in a gun battle inside a Nairobi shopping centre, says Kenya’s internal security minister.

kenya shootingsMutea Iringo said the government was “now fully in charge” of a “very serious situation”. Police are going shop to shop to secure the area.

Eyewitnesses saw armed men in black, their heads covered in scarves, entering the Westgate shopping centre on Saturday afternoon.

The Somali militant group al-Shabab had threatened to strike the centre.

Al-Shabab has carried out a string of attacks in Kenya since 2011, when Kenyan troops moved into southern Somalia to fight the militants there.

kenya gun battleNo group has said it carried out the attack. Some eyewitnesses told AFP news agency they had heard the gunmen speaking Arabic or Somali.

Hannah Chisholm, a Brit visiting Nairobi, said she and 60 others barricaded themselves into a large storeroom.


“We kept running to different places but the shots were getting louder so we barricaded ourselves along with about 60 others into a large storeroom. There were children hiding with us as well as someone who had been shot.”


“The gunfire was loud and we were scared but at that point we thought the gunmen were thieves so we assumed they wouldn’t try to reach the storeroom,” she adds.

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