Meet Uche Orji, CEO Of Nigeria’s Sovereign Wealth Fund


VENTURES AFRICA – The Federal Government of Nigeria announced last week that Mr. Uche Orji is to be appointed as Managing Director and Chief Executive officer of the newly created Sovereign Wealth Fund (SWF). With the SWF aiming to secure funding for infrastructure and to protect the economy from price-shocks; and also hoping to attract foreign investors to the Nigerian market, Orji’s international investment experience is a big asset to the Fund’s management team. Globally acknowledged to be one of the best brokerage analysts around, Uche Orji has a long list of investment-related achievements and experience to bring to the building process of the SWF.

Having graduated from the University of Port Harcourt with a Bachelor’s degree in Engineering, Orji also went on to obtain an MBA degree from renowned Harvard University. However, at only 36 years old, it is the profound professional expertise and his multiplicity of business and managerial talents that qualify Orji for this challenging role.

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