Former Enugu Sate Governor- Chimaroke Nnamani, not Dead


Following rumors that the ex governor of Enugu state, Chimaroke Nnamani has died, his friends and former colleagues have come out indicating that the Senator for Enugu East is still alive.

Dr. Dan Shere, the 2011 governorship candidate of the People for Democratic Change in Enugu State and Pro-chancellor of University of Port-Harcourt, said, “This is wicked and I know it is the handiwork of evil people who have chosen to play dirty politics.

“I spoke with him (Nnamani) about one hour ago (3.15 pm on Friday) and he was sounding very well. He has only undergone a successful medical procedure and is recuperating very fast.

“I don’t know why people should be spreading such malicious rumours. What they want to achieve with it, I don’t know.”

A former Commissioner for Information during Nnamani’s reign as Enugu State governor (1999 – 2007), Mr. Ogazimora Igbonekwu, also said, “This is wicked. Why are people doing this? Has politics in Enugu State degenerated to this level?”

In an official statement he made available to journalists, Ogazimora noted, “Here is stating that there is no truth whatsoever in the claim by some people that former governor of Enugu State, Chimaroke Nnamani, is dead or gripped by a terminal illness.”

Igbonekwu did confirm that the leader underwent surgery two months ago. But such is not the case today.“Yes, Nnamani undertook a successful surgery two months ago and has been recuperating. He personally spoke twice to me yesterday (Thursday) and at exactly 4.35 pm today, Friday, August 17. Friends and well-wishers are advised to ignore the rumor as Nnamani is alive and well, though currently staying out of Nigeria because of the surgery.”

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