DOYIN Okupe Writes President Buhari on his Birthday


Happy birthday Mr President. I join other Nigerians in wishing you a joyful and happy day and pray God to give you good health, long life , divine wisdom and guidance to lead our great Nation out of its present recession into greater and all inclusive prosperity.

One thing we who are opposed to you cannot take away from you is your doggedness in your fight against corruption. But one thing Nigerians are clamouring for is that you try to ensure that the fight is not restricted but all encompassing.
You have attained the age, and you are blessed with what it takes to become a great leader and father of this great Nation. Circumstance and Providence have combined together to place you in good stead to achieve this historic and enviable status. History will not forgive you if you sacrifice this singular chance on the alter of partisanship. Our nation is in dire need of historic icons, which if you are so inclined, you will readily achieve.
The fight against corruption must of necessity include clearly defined strategies and policies that make it difficult for the scourge to thrive within our system and which will also make it an unattractive enterprise for government officials, political appointees and the general citizenry .

As you approach the mid term of your tenor it may be important for you, Mr President , to quickly refocus and redirect energies in the direction of what you consider the legacies of what your administration should be.
You must resist the advice of power mongers and self seekers within your system who will counsel that the next most important program is your re election. It is not true.
As a devout Moslem you know that all power belongs to God Almighty, and in spite of the seeming greatness of man, He gives it to whom He wishes. He has already given it to you this once, if you will get it again, He alone will determine that, NOT, man.
Therefore your Excellency Sir, now that you are on the saddle , at this time, it is what Nigerians and the World will remember you for that must be uppermost in your heart.
I was never your supporter and still not one, but God supported you, and we submit to God’s will.
My prayer for you on this august occasion of your birthday is that God will endow you with divine competence, strength, health, wisdom and also send you genuine destiny helpers who will assist you to deliver to the citizens of this great nation and lead you on the path to achieve greatness for our nation Nigeria.


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