35 Governors, Chairmanship Election, and a Forum that Represents all that is wrong with Nigeria- Watch the Video and See How Governor Amaechi Won the Governors’ Forum, Chairmanship Election.


Article by-  Austin Aneke

Sometime last week, about 35 Nigerian Governors, converged at the Rivers State Lodge in Abuja, the federal capital territory, to elect the chairman of Nigeria Governors Forum. The incumbent chairman and candidate was Governor Rotimi Amaechi and his major opponent was Governor Jang of Plateau State. Both are of the ruling People’s Democratic Party.

The thoughts of even the most pessimistic Nigerian- the “emo”, who always look on the dark side, but never think of the good things that may happen, was that since they had willingly agreed to converge in one place for the election it was then a matter of counting one to thirty five (as one Governor failed to attend) and a new chairman would emerge.

The optimism was clearly short lived. Nigerians, nearly always in a state of political amnesia, were too quick to forget that the meeting was a convergence of all that is wrong with Nigeria, and that thirty five wrongs would never make a right. It was convergence of ineptitude, corruption, falsehood, and bad losers.

Governor Amaechi
Governor Amaechi

As the intrigues and dark clouds surrounding the election unfolded, it did not take Nigerians long to discover that instead of nomination of candidates, there was domination and intimidation; instead of election, some groups within the Forum planned selection; and that voting, faced serious threat of rigging;  as result metamorphosed into outbursts. It is believed that they even came close to blows in the voting room.

Consequently, instead of agreeing to disagree, they disagreed to agree; and instead of holding the interest of Nigeria and Nigerians paramount, they held their own best interests as overriding and predominant, because of entrenched greed and selfishness.

In a nation where ATM machines dispense counterfeited notes (this is true), the Forum has turned into an assembly for grief and discord. Furthermore, while they squabble, Nigerian youths remain unemployed, the pipe born water systems are not functional, and there is little or no electricity. It has become a Forum for underdevelopment. It has become a Forum for planning, igniting and perpetuating of political discord. It has turned into a Forum for political showmanship. No one would recommend the banning of this Forum, because jaw jaw is still better than war war in a true democracy. However the political acrimony continues to happen in the face of the threat of terrorism, armed robbery, disintegrating educational systems, and ill equipped hospitals. Governors should pay huger attention to devising ways of improving and saving lives in their different states.

Nigerians had in the past watched Nigerian politicians calculate for months, in Courts – the two third of 19 states. This time politicians have again failed to realise that 19 votes are more than 16 votes, by 3 votes. This is clearly a wrong sign as 2015 draws nearer.

Video -Courtesy of Premium Times

As for Governor Amaechi, he has never won anything in his life without someone attempting to snap/snatch it from him. This spans from his student days as National President of Rivers State students, his entry into Rivers state legislature and his ascendance as Governor of arguably the richest state in Nigeria. In other words, he is used to the present unfolding process; so do not cry for him. As for Governor Jang, it is time to reflect, and really ask himself whether he really won the Chairmanship election or being used as a front man to clip the wings of a flying eagle.

Article by- Austin Aneke

Video- Courtesy of Premium Times

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